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I Feel Bass is a unique concept instigated by Swedish house producer and Rucksack label manager Henrik Dahl aka Jivaro. The title is a reference to Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder´s I Feel Love, a milestone in popular music and perhaps also a starting point for house. In 2007, when the mix project was outlined, I Feel Love celebrated its 30th birthday.

Dahl decided it was time to pay homage to the disco classic, and started to produce a set of audio samples that were musically and emotionally inspired by I Feel Love. The next step in the process was to invite a group of producers to make a track out of the samples. The participants were allowed to edit the files in any way they liked, as well as add their own material to the mix. What made the project stand out was the fact that there was no original song to remix. Instead, they only had the source material, i.e. the samples, as the starting point.

Artists that participated in the I Feel Bass project come from Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Germany and the USA. They include Bournemouth´s Chris Moss Acid (Mathematics), a popular modern day acid house evangelist; Berlin based minimal techno producer Agaric (We Are), and French deep house artist and singer Elektrochick.

Video Still No. 3Frankfurt based director Axel Roessler has made a video for Jivaro´s own mix. The footage was shot on a trip Roessler made to Los Angeles, and his colourful and at times psychedelic imagery encapsulates the energy of the mix project perfectly.


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